If you are wondering how much your case will cost, here is the breakdown. No bait and switch, just honest pricing.


Attorney Michelle Broyles leads our litigation department with her abundant skill and experience. Her services are billed at $225 per hour. Retainer payments vary depending on the circumstances of your case. Flexible payment options are available.


Mediation with Attorney Mediator Annie Rodriguez is $150 per hour. A $100 deposit is required to reserve a spot for mediation. Time spent drafting the agreement is billed at the same hourly rates.*

Depending on the issues that need to be settled, family mediations generally run a minimum of three hours. To resolve a case with many intricacies (Think: children AND multiple real estate properties, business interests, pensions, retirement accounts, and investment accounts), you can expect one or two eight-hour sessions.

Clients are often surprised how much they can accomplish in a few hours. If you do the math, you could have your issues resolved in hours (not months) for $500 to $2400 (not thousands of dollars). When clients bring a list of issues, assets, and liabilities, this can also expedite the process. It’s up to you how much work you want to take on yourself or allow Annie to do the work for you.


Attorney Michelle Broyles provides limited scope legal representation at an hourly rate of $225. What is limited scope? Here are some examples:

  • Providing advice without becoming fully involved in a case
  • Looking over documents that you will file with the court
  • Drafting your pleadings for you
  • Guidance on best next steps in a case
  • Consulting on the potential ramifications of divorce before filing
  • Researching an issue for your case
  • Court coaching
  • Evidence preparation
  • Discovery packet preparation


Senior Attorney Michelle Broyles and Annie Rodriguez provide full service representation on a retainer basis, billed at an hourly rate. Some flat fee pricing is available upon request and submission of a questionnaire.

*As the meditator, Annie will provide you with your settlement agreement and documents that you will need to file with the court and instructions for completing your case. Because of ethics rules in Florida, a mediator, acting in a mediator capacity, is not allowed to provide legal advice. Even though Annie is an attorney, filing forms on your behalf crosses into that territory, so Annie is unable to file the forms for you.