Save Money

Attorneys Michelle Broyles and Annie Rodriguez are committed to practicing law and mediating cases with the utmost respect for clients and the challenges they are facing. Their focus on reducing conflict and encouraging peaceful outcomes makes their practice unique. If you are looking for an attorney who will attack, delay, pester, annoy or slight an opposing party, then Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Broyles are probably not going to be your first choice as an attorney. Many clients going through divorce and family law matters search for the classic “bulldog” attorney who has a chip on their shoulder and will fight for every single grain of rice. However, Annie and Michell encourage clients to consider the cost of putting up this fight.

Such a battle may destroy any respect that remains between parties, a situation that is especially burdensome and damaging when children are involved. In addition, a fight like that costs money. While you may recover some of those fees, you will most likely spend more than you wanted, and possibly more than you have. With this in mind, consider these questions when choosing how you want to handle your family law case, and then give us a call to see how we can help:

-How much am I willing to spend on this divorce (paternity, etc.)?

-Will my attorney give me a true estimate of what a big fight will cost?

-Will I have to go into debt to get the “bulldog” attorney?

-Am I prepared to pay more than what my attorney estimates?

-Do I have the time to put up a long fight or am I ready to just move on?

-Will it hurt my kids if I put up a fight?

-How will my legal fees affect my ability to start my new life and establish my new home?

-What happens if I run out of money and my attorney withdraws from my case?

Taking all of these questions into consideration, consider a different approach. Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Broyles believe family law issues should be mediated either before they reach the courts, or early in the case, because this saves clients time, money, energy and heartache. The fact is, most cases in Florida must attend mediation to resolve issues before the court. The general path of a case is: filing, discovery, hearings on issues of discovery, temporary order hearings, mediation, and trial (in that order). But did you know, mediation can fall anywhere in this process. Attempts at mediation early in a case can help predict the future path of a case (how much it will cost) or it can RESOLVE issues without costly litigation.

Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Broyles’s professional mission is to educate parties of the choices they have in legal representation and the ability they have to control the outcome and cost of their case. Whether you choose Ms. Rodriguez or Ms. Broyles to advocate for you as an attorney, or to mediate your case, their utmost pursuit is to bring you value and creative resolutions that will improve your future and help you restore your life after divorce or separation. Choose their approach and see the benefits in your transition.