Mediation in the Jacksonville Beaches Area

Mediation day, for many, is a high-emotion, high-anxiety day. If you have been through months (or years) of litigation already, this day could signify the end of the battle. Even if you only filed your case a month ago, you are likely anticipating some difficult, high-conflict scenarios. To have to travel to some unknown area of town that is smack in the middle of traffic jams and 45 minutes from home is the last thing you want to do on this day. The drive and the hunt for parking will undoubtedly increase your stress level at a time when finding peace and focus is crucial.

If you live in the Jacksonville Beaches area (Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach), you can mediate close to home and save yourself this added stress. Beaches Family Resolutions provides mediation on the island for your convenience and comfort. Consider the peace of mind this would bring to you on your big day, and choose a mediation spot that is in your world.

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